Monday, March 1, 2010

On the Road to Better Days!

Holy Cow - I have been SO MIA for the past month!  So much has happened and everything has been so emotionally taxing (& it's not even over yet).  My boyfriend and I lost someone very dear to our lives and we have been spending a lot of time in Washington, DC - we've taken it upon ourselves to be the strong, reliable family members and keep company to those who need it.

Washington, DC is such an inspirational city.  There are so many neighborhoods and each one has its own unique and clever voice.  No matter how much older I get, or what new "styles" I discover I enjoy, I will always (I repeat - will always) have a preppy side to me.  I am so in love with Georgetown it drives me crazy sometimes.  We drive by the homes each time we come here (mostly because I find a reason to visit the neighborhood) and I ask my boyfriend to drive slow so that I can try to catch a glimpse inside the historic homes.  

Besides wondering who lives in those homes, I try to imagine what they look like.  Usually I can only catch a glimpse of the lighting or a painting and it's so fun to mentally decorate the rest of the house based off of that one glance I got.  

I wish I could just knock on their door, bat my eyelashes and convince them to give me a tour.  Maybe one day I'll get lucky enough :)

Until next time..