Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Heartwarming trip to Orlando and Oscar Dresses!

WELL.. I'm finally back from our Holiday excursion to Orlando, Fl to visit my parents.  It's so refreshing to get away from the hustle and bustle of Philadelphia and just relax.  What's also refreshing is not having to worry about blogging :)  Well, except for those wonderful Best of 2009 posts I've been working on for Apartment Therapy and Unplggd!

About to open my first gift from my parents!

We did a lot of shopping, and I mean a lot!  My bank account isn't very happy with me, but luckily my mother likes to spoil me on my annual visit home - so it wasn't completely awful financially.  

Our unpretentious, traditional Ukrainian Christmas Eve Dinner (my favorite of all year!)

The highlight of my trip - eating all of the delicious and traditional Ukrainian food that my mother prepares each year.  Each and every dish has sour kraut as a star ingredient and if you know anything about me, it's how much I love sour kraut.  I know I could get shunned for even saying this, but I love eating holiday dinners with my parents because they don't go all out and feel the need to break out the fancy china (I'm pretty sure my family doesn't even own fancy china).

We're very excited for the New Year.  My boyfriend will be a Mummer in the Philadelphia Mummer Parade this year.  We've never celebrated with the Mummer's before, so this year we're sort of jumping in head first so to speak.  

For New Years Eve - I would be so thankful if I could ring in the New Year in this:

Oscar de la Renta just seems perfect for New Years Eve!

(Images: 1 & 2 Kristen Lubbe, 3 Style.com)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Friends, Philly and Penguins!

Recently I discovered the wonders of visiting the incase website on a regular basis.  It's sort of a bitter sweet experience because I want to buy everything I see, and my bank account hates me for it.  Today I was reading their blog and was really surprised at a few things I noticed.  They're "hip".. or atleast they're trying to be.  I have to give them credit, most of their blog content caught my attention and I actually read the entries, not just browsed through the pictures. One of the entries was about the CMWC in Tokyo and I noticed a great picture of my friend Marko!

One of my other favorite websites that I've just recently started reading on a daily basis is wejetset.  They're based out of Philadelphia and I recently got their magazine in the mail... for free!  Last week they were at the Reading Terminal Market in Center City passing out Baggu Bags to shoppers.  I really wish I would have been shopping that day, because I LOVE Baggu Bags!  I even wrote about the amazingly adorable Baggu Penguin on Ohdeedoh

(Images: 1. Incase, 2. Kristen Lubbe, 3. Baggu)

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Wood Headboard and Glass Bottle Candle Holders

As soon as I saw this headboard (from Tricia and Stefan's Seaside Haven), I immediately fell in love with it.  It's the perfect combination of rustic, chic, warm, cozy, sophisticated.. you know where I'm going with this.  It's just perfect.    

In complete contrast to the headboard, I found this amazing geometric trio by Tom Dixon.  They can be used as serving dishes, bowls, or just a simple table top piece.  They can be arranged it different ways due to the shapes they have been cut in.  They're glazed in vitreous enamel in White, Blue and Red.  These would be perfect for any occasion because the colors are so versatile. These would be perfect serving platters for the valentines day dinner party I'm planning to throw! (Available for purchase January 2010).

Another great idea that I hope to make use of - clear glass bottles being used as candle holders that I found on Happy Mundane (featured in Elle Decoration).  Where am I going to get my hands on all of those clear glass bottles you ask?  Ohh, I can think of one fun way!  I may have to enlist a few friends to help though.   

(Images: 1: Gregory Han)

Friday, December 11, 2009

it's oh so grand.

I decided today that I was going to embark on my own little personal journey in the blogging world.  I currently write for Apartment Therapy & Unplggd and I absolutely love it.  What I don't love?  Not being able to write each and every time I see something really freaking awesome!  This will be my opportunity to remember, share and cherish everything I see that I want to remember forever.. er.. forever= however long this blog lasts!

A few weeks ago, I wrote for the Pedal Co-Op in Philadelphia on Apartment Therapy.  They're essentially pedaling their way to a more perfect Philadelphia.  They pick up recycling and items to be composted from your home or place of business.. via bike!  They bring the recycling to the center on Grays Ferry Avenue (essentially right across the street from my house!)  I see them all of the time and always wondered what they were up to.  Hopefully by writing about them on Apartment Therapy I was able to educate more people about their services (& hopefully they were able to get a few more clients!)

An additional notable piece of information from Apartment Therapy is the Philadelphia House Tour I shot this week.  I met William Baccini when I was doing a Store Tour of Foster's Homeware in Old City.  Ken Foster introduced us and explained Williams background and his love for interior design and color.  It was obviously a House Tour match made in heaven and I was able to visit his home this past Tuesday.  His Artistic Abode was so easy to shoot and I had such a great time speaking with him.  He gave me a somewhat guided tour and spoke to me about each and every piece of furniture in his home.  It was truly inspiring that each and every piece in his house spoke to you, and essentially told a story.  You should check out William & Stephen's Artistic Abode!

(Images: Pedal Co-Op, Kristen Lubbe)