Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I've Found Perfection in Two Forms

I never really have a concise theme for each post that I write, but there are just too many amazing things that I want to share with my readers.  

First and foremost; how amazing are these necklaces?! AH, I wish I could justify spending the minimum $800 for one of these gems.  You can purchase one of these necklaces from Bruxe Design in 10k Gold, Sterling Silver or Bronze.  

Can you imagine owning an Eames Plywood Gold Necklace? Drools...

In completely unrelated news, I am absolutely head over heels inlove with the wedding website Once Wed.  Yesterday I sat in front of my computer and read through 25 pages - in one sitting!  I'm not planning a wedding (maybe one day!), but I can't keep my eyes off it.

I've realized some wedding trends: Yellow accent colors, DIY at every chance, headpieces, three piece suites for the dudes and brightly colored shoes for the bride:

four out of five with this wedding.

Non-traditional shoes for the bride, and the ever so popular yellow for the bridesmaids.

Kind of in love with this seating chart!

And, I absolutely cannot stop thinking about this picture.  It has been on my mind all day. I love the way the bride looks.  Her dress is perfect, and the sweater is just the perfect added touch.  And the boots - do I even need to expand on why they are amazing?

You can see more of this perfect wedding here

(Images: 1. BruxeDesign.com, 2. Jessica Johnson Photography, 3. Ben Blood, 4. Erin Hearts Court, 5 & 6. Braedon Photography)


  1. Very lovely.

    It's a bohemian, vintage-y, victorian equestrian type of mix-mosh look; yet it's very authentic and original.


  2. Aren't they gems?! I just love them and I'm glad I'm not alone :)