Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Want: Crocheted Guns and Lady Gaga

Due to the fact that I write for Apartment Therapy and spend most of my day scouring the internet for the coolest most inspiring design, sometimes it's hard for something to really just knock my darn socks off.  I was reading A Tall Drink earlier and spotted these amazing crocheted yarn sculptures from artist Nathan Vincent.  

These are my favorites! 

Another super over the top thing that I absolutely love (and I'm prepared to be judged for it) is lady gaga.  She's extremely underrated by people over the age of 25 and I think everyone should give her another chance.  With music videos like 'Bad Romance' - how can you ignore her?  She's an artist, and if you take the time to read a few things about her you'd realize she's actually pretty interesting and has a message.


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