Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Heartwarming trip to Orlando and Oscar Dresses!

WELL.. I'm finally back from our Holiday excursion to Orlando, Fl to visit my parents.  It's so refreshing to get away from the hustle and bustle of Philadelphia and just relax.  What's also refreshing is not having to worry about blogging :)  Well, except for those wonderful Best of 2009 posts I've been working on for Apartment Therapy and Unplggd!

About to open my first gift from my parents!

We did a lot of shopping, and I mean a lot!  My bank account isn't very happy with me, but luckily my mother likes to spoil me on my annual visit home - so it wasn't completely awful financially.  

Our unpretentious, traditional Ukrainian Christmas Eve Dinner (my favorite of all year!)

The highlight of my trip - eating all of the delicious and traditional Ukrainian food that my mother prepares each year.  Each and every dish has sour kraut as a star ingredient and if you know anything about me, it's how much I love sour kraut.  I know I could get shunned for even saying this, but I love eating holiday dinners with my parents because they don't go all out and feel the need to break out the fancy china (I'm pretty sure my family doesn't even own fancy china).

We're very excited for the New Year.  My boyfriend will be a Mummer in the Philadelphia Mummer Parade this year.  We've never celebrated with the Mummer's before, so this year we're sort of jumping in head first so to speak.  

For New Years Eve - I would be so thankful if I could ring in the New Year in this:

Oscar de la Renta just seems perfect for New Years Eve!

(Images: 1 & 2 Kristen Lubbe, 3 Style.com)

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