Sunday, December 13, 2009

Friends, Philly and Penguins!

Recently I discovered the wonders of visiting the incase website on a regular basis.  It's sort of a bitter sweet experience because I want to buy everything I see, and my bank account hates me for it.  Today I was reading their blog and was really surprised at a few things I noticed.  They're "hip".. or atleast they're trying to be.  I have to give them credit, most of their blog content caught my attention and I actually read the entries, not just browsed through the pictures. One of the entries was about the CMWC in Tokyo and I noticed a great picture of my friend Marko!

One of my other favorite websites that I've just recently started reading on a daily basis is wejetset.  They're based out of Philadelphia and I recently got their magazine in the mail... for free!  Last week they were at the Reading Terminal Market in Center City passing out Baggu Bags to shoppers.  I really wish I would have been shopping that day, because I LOVE Baggu Bags!  I even wrote about the amazingly adorable Baggu Penguin on Ohdeedoh

(Images: 1. Incase, 2. Kristen Lubbe, 3. Baggu)

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